Bringing People Together

Through Artwork

I have extensive experience in creating murals for the community, including no-profit organizations. Scroll down the page to explore The Studio 33 community murals gallery. 

The Catonsville History Mural

This community mural took two months to complete, May-June 2012. Many local artists, residents, and students from Catonsville High School Art Honors Society helped bring this wall to life. There were many local sponsors that contributed including Catonsville Rotary Foundation, Whalen Properties, Catonsville Chamber of Commerce and Sherwin Williams Paints, Md Residential Realty, We Love Catonsville M&T Bank, Meg Tipper, and Jim Himel. I am very grateful to all who helped make this event possible.

Paradise Bus Shelter Mural

This mural was created during the Kaleidoscope Summer Arts Camp, 2013. Thanks to Kristin and the local high school students Ruth, Paul, Radhi, and Riley. Thanks to the local sponsors including Catonsville Chamber of Commerce, Pittsburgh Paints, Whalen Properties, MTA, Home Depot, Md Residential Realty, Baltimore County Arts Council, and Paradise Community Association.

Dundalk Mural

This mural was created in 2012 and sponsored by the Dundalk Renaissance Corp.

INNterim House

This mural was created with Art with a Heart. INNterim House is a woman's shelter in Pikesville, MD.

Catonsville Short-line R.R. Mural

This mural re-creates the Catonsville Short-line train that made trips from Catonsville to Loudon Park from 1883 to 1972. Thanks to Catonsville Rail to Trails, Sheldon Smith and Wes Peters.

Shepard's Cove Woman's Shelter

This mural brightened up the cafeteria at the shelter in Capitol Heights, MD, in 2007. This mural was donated by TheStudio33 with help from United Communities Against Poverty.

#8 Trolly Mural

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